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The Full Story :

From Passtime to Profession

It's funny how one situation leads to was never the plan but #weloveithere.

In 2015 Avi lost a very important person in her life...her MOM. It was unforeseen. It was a difficult and dark period in our lives...Plants has always been part of her life, it has always been there and it was so easy to find comfort in something familiar. The plants was/is an escape to a very happy place.

A place where everything is perfect and beautiful...

and so the journey of collecting easy to care for plants ensued. Friends and Family were gifted with more plants than they wanted or had room for. Meanwhile we, wanting to share the pure joy of owning plants, continued with propagating and gifting. Then one day a friend suggested that we sell the babies and the rest is history...

Welcome to Our World!!!

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